How to Select the Right Size Dress when Shopping Online

Prom season is the most popular time of year for formal dress sales. Red prom dresses quickly fly off the shelves – online and offline – as young women seek out the perfect style to stand out at their big event. Shopping online affords many conveniences but can make it difficult to get a dress that fits just right. When shopping online, here are three tips for how to select the right size gown.

  1. Check the fabric details. Some formal gown material offers a little give which can make it fit your body better – others do not. The type of fabric can determine how well a dress fits. If you want room to move, consider a chiffon fabric instead of satin, which can be more constricting.
  2. Take your own measurements. Check the dress measurement locations and take your own before ordering. Typically the measurements you need will be the circumference of the chest, above the bust line, the waist, the hips, and height. Compare your measurements against the size chart listed with the red prom dresses of your choosing to ensure they will be the correct fit for your body.
  3. Compare dress styles. Choosing the right size stress is also about the style of that dress. Every style is going to fit a different sized body differently. Full figured women, for example, should lean toward stresses which are listed as a line or empire waist because this allows for more space in the abdomen and legs region and can provide a more flattering look.